Hybrid Translucency?

Hey all,

Is hybrid translucency a thing? Basically, I’d like to ray trace the translucency on some objects, while using raster for other objects. I’m running into issues with scenes that involve volume fog, ray traced lighting, and translucency. My trees look terrible with the combination of fog and ray traced translucency, so I’d like them to render via raster, while refractive windows I’d like to use ray tracing. Any tips?


Anyone have any thoughts on this?

You shouldn’t be using translucency at all on trees… use masked…

Well, that’s good to know. Why not, out of curiosity?

To be fair, I’m not sure how the tree materials are setup since they came from the marketplace. I just know that having exponential height fog + the trees looks like trash. I’ll look into their materials and convert them!

Translucency is intended for glass or water, materials you can see through.

It’s expensive, especially to do it with lighting and the triangles need to be sorted front to back, which rarely ever works correctly on anything but the simplest meshes so you end up with geometry further away appearing in front of geometry closer to the camera. Masked materials don’t suffer from either of these issues.