Hybrid Rift Game

I want to make a scene where the Rift is enabled when the player enters his vehicle (a hybrid game using both the monitor and the Oculus). Is this possible with Unreal 4? I’m seeing that the engine “auto-detects” the Oculus. Does that mean I can’t control when it is enabled?

In Unity, The plugin is in the scene itself and I can enable/disable the cameras via script. I’m hoping I can do the same thing in Unreal 4. I do have a subscription now (how can you not with it being so cheap) so I can play with any setups you guys want me to try… or if it’s not possible, let me know.

Thanks for any help!

Hello Tommy !
IF you look at the Blueprint of the " RealistRender " There is a bool which detect if The HeadTracking is enable or not.

look at this picture

Thank you soooo much! I’ll try this as soon as I get some time to play. I went through all the Blueprint tutorials so I could get a better understanding. Feels like scripting with nodes… which for me will be great because 90% of my problem is syntax. I’m too lazy to learn proper scripting so I spend hours debugging stupid mistakes I make.

I’m trying to rebuild what I’ve done in Unity and so far so good. I can’t find anything in Unreal that doesn’t do what I was doing in Unity other than the exporting to different platforms. I can’t wait to see Unreal progress with all that.

Thanks again… looks like exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile:

You can also turn rift on or off with “stereo on” and “stereo off” console commands. These should be exposed in code too, or you can simply call them from blueprint (via Execute Console Command) where you need the switch.