(hybrid raytracing) how to build G.I only and have raytraced shadows/reflection

Hi guys, I just got my rtx card and I would like to try to put it to use early on, so if I’ve got this right, hybrid raytracing supposed to enable us to raytrace certain parts of a scene and have other parts as static, Real Time Global Illumination has proven to be expensive in performance and very low in quality so its not worth using for now. What I would like to do is build G.I and have everything else raytraced.

Is possible to do that? if so could you let me know how? no need for a step by step tutorial, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not an expert but pretty simple. Make sure you have RayTracing and DX12 enabled in Project Settings. Your lights should be set to Stationary since you will be baking your GI.
And make sure your lights are also casting RayTraced shadows (in the advanced section for your ligjhts)

And then in your PostProcess Volume enable RayTraced Reflections, Translucency and optionally AO.