HVC VIVE and GTX 2080TI issues !

We are an Arch viz studio, we do film and VR experiences in Unreal 4.21. We recently bought a brand new machine with the GeForce GTX 2080 TI.
We are using the HTC VIVE
We are really surprised to have some big issues with this new Graphic card.

A project that was running fine before, now got some issues when using the “teleport” with the VIVE. There’s some flashes and little flicks on the screen when we teleport.
The same project using another machine, runs better.

It’s really just when we teleport that the screen goes a bit wobbly and flicks.
We are building a new project now and we really need to have this fixed
I tried to reinstall all the drivers available, update to the latest one, 419.67… same thing

Any ideas ?

The SteamVR version and settings are the same?!

I’m not sure what the flashes and flicks look like but sounds a bit like it could be something related to the Motion Smoothing and Application Resolution in SteamVR.

Ah awesome it’s gone !
Thanks dvdjhnsn it was the Motion Smoothing in Steam VR i guess. I disabled it in Applications and in Video and the flicking is gone !
Yes it’s the same version of SteamVR, the latest, 1.3.20

Thanks guys, problem solved !