Human Model [Looking for]

Wasn’t sure where to post this, but I’m struggling to design stuff in Maya for the Unreal Engine to ‘real-world’ size.
I was wondering if there was anyone out there that either had a model of a human or anything in general that matched the size of the default character in Unreal Engine.
I’m not too good at creature/NPC design so it’s not very easy for me to simply make one myself :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks in advance.

First make sure maya is set to metric cm in preferences. Go to the epic SKmannequin, and right click export, and choose your location. Import it into maya as fbx. I recommend deleting the skeleton.As if 2 bone names match maya will merge them at times. Then assign your default material. Phong/Lambert1 etc. This will help you to not import multiple materials every time you import the mesh. Then save, or export the mesh as Ue4meshonly. This is what ive done so I have a clean external reference to player scale. With just a default material. One Unreal unit = 1cm. Now say you make some grass blades that come up to his ankles, and send to unreal. It will be correct.

Thank you so much, I struggle with comprehension while reading, but you made this so easy to follow.
Very happy with your help <3

By default, 1 square on Maya’s grid is 10cm (or 10 of whatever unit you use). Same for the orthographic grids.

UE4 mannequin is 180cm. Just add a 180cm box and you can scale everything to it.