Human IK related question

Hi all,

Is anyone familiar with what kind of algorithm is used in the HumanIK implementation ? Any guesses are appreciated as well. I have been doing some reading in this area, most prominently papers like Style based Inverse Kinematics. But I still can’t put my finger on the exact technique I would implement if I was to have a system for implementing full body IK which uses biological weighting for generated poses.

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Well, UE4 is using Autodesks HumanIK solution. Maybe you can find out how they do it…

I dont think autodesk human ik actually is in ue4. I think they license it separately.
Can somebody confirm? Perhaps with a price range?

Have a look at IKinema RunTime, it is already integrated in UE4 and available for $19,99

It does everything what humanIK does and more; Our tech and UE4 integration is used by top AAA studios now at an affordable price for PC and mobile (late April)

Drop a line at if you have any specific questions.


Yeah, That’s exactly what I am trying to find out. So far I couldn’t find a resource which explains some of the internals at least at a high level detail.

I agree. AFAIK it is licensed separately. I think you have to contact them to get a quote. No idea about the price range.

Many thanks Alex. I have been watching the development of IKinema in UE4 a little closely. Its quite exciting. Does the subscription come with the source code ? I am not sure I would be able to do much without it. I will consider emailing support if my questions aren’t answered by my looking around. Thanks :slight_smile:

The current integration for $19,99 doesn’t come with source code, but the source code is only the glue between our solver API and the integration node in UE4.
This is very straightforward and just a wrapper and I am curious why you need the source code?

We haven’t mentioned this, but you can have C++ nodes driving the IKinema solver node in UE4.


I am guessing I can probably get by if I can call IKinema solver nodes from C++ though I am not entirely sure since I am still working on the system I am trying to implement. I was wondering since one can sell a game made with IKinema without paying any royalties except being subscribed at the moment of the launch, does this same apply to plugins developed using the IKinema solver ? Can those plugins be sold just like the games without any licensing issues ? I am guessing some IKinema dlls would have to be shipped with the games using them so can this be also done for plugins developed for UE4 which use IKinema in turn ?


It all depends on the plugin. Obviously if you are planning to wrap our plugin and resell as yours - this would not be possible :).
Please drop a line to info at and we can answer for your specific case.

It’s bit of necromancy but I can answer why would I need glue code.

To make possible of using plugin with custom engine versions, compiled by me, and to make possible for me to use plugin with unreleased engine versions. Like promoted builds or preview releases from github.

If it is only glue code, then nothing bad can happen from releasing it, and it would really help people like me.

You know, you could right this in yourself.
Unity has a look at controller in their store which works very well.

You could look over what makes IK work and transpose it to BP or C++.