Huge visual differences after upgrade to 4.14 (not in a good way)

Hello everyone!

I’m duplicating a question i’ve asked here because it’s been 3 weeks and there’s still no answer. Did anyone have the kind of issues i’ve described there and what did you do to remedy those, if so?

I saw somebody reply and you posted a bunch more images afterwards.

Honestly, after seeing your images I am a bit confused. You show some busted looking foliage that looks black in 4.14 the beginning, then later on show it looking just fine in 4.14, but start showing green glowing grass in 4.13 now? I can’t keep up with what you are saying is the artifact.

At the end you posted a picture of a brick road with very minor differences that could be attributed to the skylight normalization difference that DanielW mentioned already.

Hello Ryan, thanks for answering!

I’ve mentioned in my question to not pay attention to foliage as it was a lighting build error and i’ve solved since then. But i had no time to rebuild lighting since it take quite a while so i’ve written that besides foliage everything is correct on that screenshot.

Based on that comment about skylight normalization I’ve went ahead and tried reducing brightness of reflection captures which kinda looks better. But it’s still different and i also had to add a huge capture encompassing the level as the parts without captures turned white again. Should i post screenshots of this (i’m currently a bit overloaded with work so i can’t do it right away)?

Thank you again.