huge video file size and object appears out of nowhere.

I’ve got 2 problems:
First: I made a small video of 35 seconds. Just a camera moving through my level made with a matinee and I would excpect the file size to be like 400MB tops. But for some reason that 35 second video is a wopping 8.5 GB!
I rendered it with these setting and these are also the details of the video file:

Second problem:
In the same video appears a sphere object. I didn’t put it there and I don’t know where it came from. I’m guessing it might be a sphere reflection capture, since that is the only sphere shaped thing I ever used in my scene.
But when I look into my viewport in that spot, there isn’t even a sphere reflection capture that might be getting rendered. So I don’t know how it is getting rendered since there isn’t anything there (or at least not that i can see).
here is a screenshot:
this one is a litle brighter

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  1. after you have made the matinee video you will have to render it do decrease the size + choose another video file type
  2. thats from your pawn -> add a player start :slight_smile:

Thanks, the ball was indeed my player start.
But how do you mean “render it”? isn’t that what I already did when i clicked the movie button?

By re-rendering it you can compress it’s size because saving it out as an AVI is always going to be a huge file. For example, a program like Virtual Dub can crunch that down like crazy. You could even use windows movie maker if that’s the kind of thing your in to.

The AVI is uncompressed, it’s probably better to render to PNG or JPG sequences and then convert to whatever final video format you want.

Ok thanks guys,
Couldn’t ask for better help :slight_smile: