Huge Size or pak and pdb file

First of all keep in my mind that this is a c++ project , my project doesn’t contain any meshes or content except c++ code being called from blueprints , as i deleted all other contents but still the pak file is around 400mb !!

2nd thing is the pdb file why is this created ? it it essential ? can i get rid of it ?

3rd thing is the windows noeditor name , how can i modify this naming of exe and file names from windows-noeditor to another ?

Note even when i package template projects(with no starter content) with shipping as the package option.the pdb file is still 200mb , and i cant give it to users with this ridiculous size! , also the pak file was 80mb although there was nothing in the scene except a basic cubic floor(with all other contents deleted if any)

pdb files are for debugging, lists all functions and varables and there addresses, allowing machinę code to be more readable, you can safely remove them from shipping build, but you might find them useful in development build.