Huge performance issue with particles

Hi! I’ve got 2 problems with particles actually.

First of all, I have created a blueprint for some small candles. It is made of a base mesh, a flame particle and a point light (for the glow and the light flickering). However, it totally kills my FPS. I have a stable 60 fps on epic settings and as soon as I look at the particles my FPS drops to 10-15. Now I never played a lot with particles so maybe I’m missing something.

Also, I have an issue with the lighting of the particles. When I don’t look directly at the candles they are glowing as expected (they only emit a small area of light) but when I look at them, the whole area is suddenly lit.

(the result I want)

(what I get when staring at the particles)

How can I fix this mess? :frowning: