Huge net corrections during mantle

I’ve been trying to tackle a mantle system today for my multiplayer game. For the most part, with zero latency it works fine. But once I simulate lag with pktlag at around 120. I get an extreme amount of net corrections, visible with p.shownetcorrections set to true. Im wondering exactly how I can avoid this extreme of net corrections and what ways I could go about fixing and iterating my current code
Event tick client
Im running this through an event tick with is locally controller through the true channel. While falling, it should call the mantle trace function and if that results in a mantle location, it will then perform the mantle.

This is my mantle trace function. It just does a capsule trace until it finds a walkable surface, then proceeds to call my start mantle function.

This is my Mantle start function where im setting up my mantle location and adjusting my movement action enum

This is the beginning of my perform mantle function called in my event tick from earlier. This section just handle interping the actor locally to the mantle location.
Replicate actor location
This is connected right after set the actor location. The multicast event has an is locally controlled connected to a set actor location at the new location through the false connection

This is where im handling when to end the mantle and in my end mantle function im just changing my movement action to none. My movement action is getting set locally and then being set on the server

One of the many flaws of Unreal’s character movement component is that you cannot properly extend it in Blueprint. You have to do it in C++ and use the network prediction interface correctly. The documentation has more info: