Huge FPS drop when VR game already compiled

Hi all,

I need your help, please. I have a VR “game” running on a Ryzen 3950x and a 2080ti, which runs at a fixed 125fps (it seems to be a kind of limitation) when HMD is not mounted, but moved with my hands. And solid 90fps when HMD is head mounted. It’s an Oculus Rift.

The issue comes when I compile the game, which I thought would make it to be even smoother, but the result is the oposite: when looking to a section of the map, drops to 45 and even below 45, with a lot of tearing. Of course, the 90fps I comented before when in Editor mode, was measured looking to the same section of the map and in the same conditions.

What can be causing the game to be much more slower when compiled?

UPDATE: I have noticed that the fps drop happens when looking to a planar reflection volume, but it only happens (at least in a huge quantity), when the game is compiled.

Thank you very much and best regards!