Hue Shifting Texture Object

Hey there,

I want to make a material that applies grass on top of the terrain, and dirt/rock on slopes. This is pretty straight forward.

Additionally, I need to be able to hue shift my textures.

Unfortunately, floats don’t work with Texture Objects apparently.

I searched online for an answer but couldn’t come up with anything.

Any advice or workarounds would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


  1. There is a built in node called HueShift I don’t think lerping is the correct way.
  2. You can use hue shift for the output of the WorldCoordinate3Way if you don’t mind all textures changing hue.
  3. To control each texture individually you need to create your own material function by copying the existing WorldCoordinate3Way node and adding hue shift for each texture sample. I wouldn’t recommend modifying the existing node as it will be overwritten when you update the engine.