Hud on object

Hey guys, we’re creating something similar to the fallout 3 HUD, would the best way to archive, to be using the render to texture on specific UV on the mesh to somewhere else on the map where the HUD was being calculated?

is there any tutorials available that show this feature?

Thanks :slight_smile:

screenshot of that HUD? i not remember nothing special in FALLOUT 3 HUD

He’s referring to the wrist worn PipBoy


I’m pretty sure that is just an animation(bringing the pip close to the camera), and the screen has nothing but a black texture then the hud is rendered in place on top of it, although i could be wrong…

It’s rendered on the surface of the device though, I think we are getting this in 4.3 - ability to render HUD to RT

Ahh render HUD to texture sounds awesome… Guess i’ll have to wait for 4.3 then i guess:S Any rough ETA on that?
Because i don’t want a static animation, fallout 3 pauses the game with its HUD, with our game we need it visible while playing and updating real time stats such as kills, map and other shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes thats it, however our one is going to update player stats n map stuff in real time

Some References to what im trying to emulate

Hourances do something like this in Solus with bluprints. He is in the forum perhaps can say something about that (nothing in his tutorials about this topic)

Check at 0:10