HUD Minimap in VR?

Hi there,

I’m doing UE4 development for VR architecture visualization and multiple times working with clients it has come up that a mini-map style projection of the floorplan of the building would be beneficial in helping them navigate their projects. I’m looking for some help concerning best practice on how to do this.

Ideally, I would like to have a mini-map which persists in the FOV similar to how the menu widget in AltspaceVR remains at the lower portion of the FOV. Additionally, I would prefer if the minimap texture were a set architectural blueprint with transparency, similar to the HAL Toolkit.

Any help or examples you can provide would be appreciated!


Hey Jack,

I’m lookign at doing somethign similar and though that maybe it would be possible with widgets, I havent tried it yet however.

Hey there, I’ve been looking to do exactly the same thing for VR. I’ve tried to do the usual method of minimaps you would use in TPP or FPP but for VR this doesn’t actually work properly. The location arrow would get the player position and rotation (based on the character class) but the main material won’t show the map. Not sure if it’s because of material domain. I know the Advanced VR Framework 2.0 has a mini map system but I’m looking to scratch build and understand the method myself.

I feel like I’m 90 percent there with it. Check this tutorial by Ryan Laley: this is what I got for FPP/TPP. Trying to get it working for VR, but so far no luck. Definitely worth checking out though as it gives you an idea of the concept.