HUD in only one eye


I have this problem where the HUD is only in one eye when using the Rift. What’s the best way to fix this? Print the HUD on a plane in front of the character? Couldn’t find any other post about this. Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

Hi Mandersson, I’m replying mostly from a UDK background (still learning whats what for the rift in UE4).
I think the problem is that when you draw the hud via code or blueprint it doesn’t recognize that it must be drawn twice and with rift distortion. I would go down the route of a hud mesh connected to the player controller, altering it through blueprints/materials. A quick test to see if this gives you good results would be to attach a text render to your player blueprint in the component section. Once this is placed on your mesh you will be able to fine tune where the correct position is and you will be able to alter it via blueprint for health etc.

I gave it a quick test and it works well however you will probably need to find a way to attach it to the players head rotation of which I don’t know how to do just yet, if I find out I’ll drop an answer on this thread.

I hope that helps.

I haven’t personally done anything with this, but you “should” be able to set the text render object to the camera by just making the camera a parent. I don’t have much experience in unreal yet (haven’t had time yet since getting it) but if it’s anything like I would expect, all translations and rotations should update to the children. So you could just make a 3d menu and attach it to the camera like said, and just enable/disable visibility on if you want to show the menu.