HUD doesn't show up on the clients


I am developing my multiplayer game, but I have a problem with the HUD. The HUD gets drawn fine on the server, but the palyers don’t see any HUD whatsoever. I am wondering why this is happening. Here is some examples.

The HUD elements ar ethe red numbers. Left for Health, and right for time in the game.

I tried searching online, but this was the similar thread I found, but it didn’t answer my question.


Check which player you attach it to.

How do I check that? It’s just a HUD blueprint, its on the Game Mode default’s. And It just uses the Event Draw Hud event.

Follow hud tutorials then. Or even better do UMG hud.
you have get player pawn or get player controller somewhere in blueprints.
IF you always get player 0 there it is no wonder that game obeys your wish and displays hud for player 0 only.

It does only what you told it to do (not mentioning times when game does what it wants to do ie. crashing)