HUD dispaly has wrong position on PC screen and on Oculus Rift

Hello all,

I got a problem on running a game on Oculus Rift. 

As show on the attachment pic01.png, I have an image on left-top of the screen on my PC screen.

However, when I switch to Oculus Rift mode, the image displays on left-bottom on my Oculus Rift screen.

Does anyone know why? and how can I fix this problem?


ps, the following is my C++ code:

texButtonTest = NULL;

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UTexture2D> TexObj(TEXT("/Game/ArchVis/pic/ue4.ue4"));
texButtonTest = TexObj.Object;


void AMX_TestHUD::DrawHUD()


if (texButtonTest != NULL)

	DrawTextureSimple(texButtonTest, 100.f, 100.f, 1.0f);


You do not want to be adding HUD items to the screen in that manner for VR. It is like putting the HUD directly on your eyeball. For VR you want to put the UI elements in the world and let the user interact with them from there. If you have not done so already make sure to check out the VR Best Practices guide as it has a lot of informaton, like this, that can help you avoid pitfalls that might lead to an unpleasant VR experiance.

Great thanks for your reply.

I realize that the HUD may not be the best solution, but according to seeing through the Oculus Rift, the performance is acceptable.

The main question is that why the position of image differs that much on PC screen and on Oculus Rift screen?

I also set the image to be clickable, when the image is clicked, another image appears.

The trick part is that, in Oclus Rift, I click the image which is on left-bottom on Oculus screen, there is no reaction. When I click the empty space on left-top, where the original place for the image, another image appears.

I guess position of the image does not change, but display of the image varies in Oculus Rift screen.

It has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with user comfort. The position problem that you are experiencing is most likely due to how the image is warped to work with the lenses in the HMD. However I am not 100% sure how you would fix this as this is not really the way that you should be doing UI in VR. We do not do things like this because of user comfort so I am not really sure how to help as what you are doing goes against the most basic VR principles.

I see.
Right now, I am trying to do this on UMG widget. there is something like combo box, scroll box. I will let you know the progress.

Thank you again.