HUD - Blueprint vs C++

I have some base classes defined in C++ to include a HUD that displays a few values, such as what custom play mode I’m in, player location coordinates, etc.

In the editor, I have a blueprint for a character I have defined. In this character, I have a couple of sockets where I dynamically spawn 2 actors from another C++ base class I wrote, and attach it to those sockets.

Those dynamically created actors update a variable on each tick and I want to display the values in my HUD. Most blueprint related HUD tutorials or examples I see are blueprint only, with no backing C++ object. The tutorials I followed to create my C++ HUD class didn’t use any blueprints for writing to the HUD, only code. I can’t create a blueprint based on my C++ hud class… so I’m confused as to how I can access it or use it.

Can somebody explain a simple way to take a variable from a blueprinted actor instance and show it on the hud?