HTTP request won't work on Linux machine when called from GameInstance::Shutdown()


So, I have a register/unregister dedicated server logic going on and to do that I’m using GameInstance::StartInstance() and GameInstance::Shutdown() respectfuly.

It works perfectly fine when server is running under Windows machine, but when on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) the registration part is working out just fine but then something is going wrong in the shutdown stage as my request never gets through.

Hope that someone from the dev team can see if there is a bug with that, thanks in advance!

For the record (we already discussed this on IRC but I want this discussion to be helpful to others): I wouldn’t rely on sending HTTP requests on shutdown on either platform.

Instead, I recommend changing graceful shutdown handler so it primes a timer (or rather, just sets a flag) and do everything somewhere else (e.g. in game instance’s tick). The code in tick would detect that a flag “shutdown requested” is set, would send the HTTP request, wait for a while and only then initiate the shutdown.