HTNPlanner - How to use?

There’s literally not a wiki nor API docs for any of the HTNPlanner’s source… or how to begin going to use it.

I’ll work with any of you at EpicStaff to design some documentation and learn how to use/implement this system free of charge!

Been looking at adding in my own Goal Objective Action Planning system for a project i’m developing now and came across the HTNPlanner module… it looks extremely similar with a few nomenclatures that are different… would like to get to know this better to use it to its advantages of me not having to re-invent the wheel lol.

Anyone @Epic ready to work together on this?

anyone? Epic?

HTNPlanner is experimental status and as long it is that way it probably won’t get Docs until it exit that state. Also also long as it is in this state Epic won’t recommend of using it in real deal projects, it’s there for adventurous people to test out and experiment with it. This is how all experimental features are treated as far as i know.

You probably wont get a offer for making official docs, since Epic has dedicated team just for that. But best way to get involved is to make content for yourself, like tutorials, videos and demos on other platforms or epic forums. Epic devs responsible for the feature tend to watch people who experiment with with there features aspecially if you do something interesting, they treat it as early feedback which helps in development. Sometimes they quite communicative but ofcorse this dependent on the person.

I myself dinging in to Niagara on every release ever since it was added to main UE4 code and i discovered how to enable it and release videos and info on every major change, i also made thread on UE4 forums posting on Niagara status:

I know Shaun Kime who is responsible for developing Niagara watched all that and he even visited one of my streams when i was showing off Niagara helping out chat on things i didn’t know yet.

I myself first time hearing about HTNPlanner from you (UE4 is so big that it is hard to track on everything) so try make people like me hear about it and how it develop so they can look forward to it ^^ Remember to note on everything you do that this is experimental and it should not be used on any serious projects.

As for Wiki yes it is locked due to under used of it and spam being post in there, as i heard people at Epic thinking how to fix it. So best bet for now is to make thread on forum with your tutorials and such.

Also send crash raports from those experimental features, if you use dev-* github build you need to build crash reporter to for that, it very useful for Epic.