HTML5 - UI ScrollBox scrolls VERY slow in browser

Hello, I have a ScrollBox setup for my UI, and in-engine it scrolls perfectly fine, however once packaged for HTML5, the scroll speed is VERY slow in the web browser, and the scroll-to-zoom feature i have for zooming the springArm camera is also significantly slower, I was able to multiply the scroll amount to work around that issue, but the scrollBox is still slow.

I see that this issue was reported before here UMG ScrollBox scrolls very slowly - UI - Unreal Engine Forums

and that this was “fixed” Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-34811)

but appears to still be happening in HTML5. Using the scroll bar works normally.

I have found the console command to adjust this: Slate.GlobalScrollAmount 2000 seems to fix the issue. I found this by typing help in console to show the complete list of console commands.


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