HTML5 game screen is small

Hi My HTML5 game is coming out as a small screen with a black screen behind. Also, the quality for my game is really bad. I have adjusted the quality in the settings to epic but its still very poor. Please let me know how I can fix this.

Not really. The quality is horrible I’ve changed the settings to epic still no good quality. And if I move the browser window it doesn’t scale with the browser. It goes small with the black screen behind it.

Does this help?: WebGL and Resolution Errors in HTML5 - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Naveen S.,

  • Could you please provide me with screenshots of what you’re seeing?
  • What version of Chrome or Firefox are you on?
  • Have you tried both Chrome and Firefox?
  • Which version of the engine are you in?

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Can you post a screenshot from a native build? The odd fringe coloring thing looks like perhaps a shader issue on postprocessing or similar.

Does the issue occur on all exported projects or just on this one?

Hey, Naveen!

Here is what I did to solve this issue:

I need to AUTO scale it though. When I put it in the browser it should fit the window automatically to any pixel.

And for some reason the link you sent me still didn’t work. Thank you though.

Ultimately this comes down to a little css as HaxO’s answer suggests.

I just edited the .html file that was produced after building to get what you were requesting…

in the .wrapper make sure you have the two following values { min-height: 100%; min-width: 100%; }

Then in the #canvas:not([fullscreen]) make sure to set { width: 100%; }

If something isn’t correct, try to be a little more descriptive than “it doesn’t work” so we can try to address it accordingly.