HTML5 export, Utility.js append bug

Currently, when the project is packaged for HTML, a Utility.js file gets created and is being populated with the content of a few js files coming with the source.

With each packaging, this file gets bigger and bigger as it is appended by AutomationTool.

[Click to see the code in Unreal Engine Github repository][1]

		string DestinationFile = OutDir + "/Utility.js";
		foreach( var UtilityFile in UtilityJavaScriptFiles)
			string Data = File.ReadAllText(UtilityFile);
			File.AppendAllText(DestinationFile, Data);

Content of the file must be cleaned (if exists) before appending.

Hey ,

Thanks for reporting this. I have verified that this is an issue within the engine and have submitted a report. If you’d like to check on this bug in the future, please reference: UE-23064.

Thank you!

nice to hear that :slight_smile: thanks