HTML5 C++ project Launch and Package problem

Hello EpicGame, im having a problem wiit my C++ project. My Project cant load asset when i package game to HTML5,

When i package to Window, it worked fine. Here is my code i used in Visual Studio to load asset.

Hello Hiengs2702,

Can you provide the log file from the game session where this occurred? Can you also provide the log file from when you packaged the game for HTML5? What type of error do you receive when attempting to load the file?

Here is My log file when i package the Game, the only warning i saw in the log when i package game is that it said “PackagingResults:Warning: Warning Warning Unable to find package for cooking /Game/2DSideScroller/Maps/2DSideScrollerExampleMap” link text

Are you sure it’s failing to load on the line you’re showing in your picture? That warning you’re getting in your log doesn’t seem to indicate that, as it’s not a path that begins with /Game/Blueprint as specified in the code, it’s also not the same asset.

Yes im sure, but for now im not focus in that bug because i can use BP to set default class to that, but im having a very big trouble of the package’s size of HTML5 game. I tried every method in epic document to reduce the size but it didnt work. Anyway, thank you for releasing an awesome Engine !!!
Love you all :smiley:

Can you link to the documentation you’ve read that didn’t help so that I know what you’ve already tried? What kind of size are you getting? How does it compare to other platforms such as Windows? Are you packaging for Development or Shipping? Are you including Debug files and/or crash reporter?

Reducing APK Package Size | Unreal Engine Documentation i tried so many methods including this one, and the package folder’s size still > 100mb. Thats hugh for html game :smiley: , i think unreal engine 4 is not good for web game. i changed my project to mobile game and its better now. If i want to make a html game, i think i have to switch back to unity, but outside of that, ue4 still the best :smiley: