[HTCVIVE] temporal AA 3d widget quality problem.

Hi im working on exterior / interior archviz huge project. everthing fine level streaming, lighting, VR interactive etc … but…

i’m using TAA on my project because i have too many masked blend type material on my levels and “dithertemporalaa expression” works fine. but umg 3d widgets quality is terrible. when i change aa type from project settings to FXAA widget quality’s gets better but masked materials quality is getting worse.

any solutions ? i have decided to use TAA however i dont know how i can increase the quality of 3D UMG widgets? ( i tried increasing the screenpercentage but it didnt work and Frame rate barely low)


You should try placing your Widgets on a stereo layer: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/VR/StereoLayers/

Thx for reply …

I think that the stereo layer is reflected by the render target in the logic if I do not remember correctly. However, this map can cause FPS drop because there are more than one widget. (approximately 6-7)