HTC VIVE VR Preview not working.

In short when i open my VR Preview the preview opens on the 2nd monitor (that is the vive) which makes me unable to see on my PC what is going on in the game and also the game doesnt show up on the VIVE, if i hover over my taskbar and see the preview as a thumbnail i can see that the camera is moving around based on the VIVE his motion.

I dont know if this can be the issue but, im running UE4 on a laptop with a i7 4710HQ and a GTX 850m.
Im aware the GPU is nowhere strong enough to run games on 90FPS but i hoped i could atleast play around with the VIVE alittle.

I plug my VIVE into my laptop, windows recognizes a new “monitor” and whenever i try to start the VR preview the viewport/game opens on that 2nd monitor which is the vive, but the vive itself doesn’t show anything besides the virtual room where i can see the controllers and sensors.

I can however run the SteamVR tutorial which shows everything properly.
I hope my problem is understandable and any help is appreciated.

You might want to use your Vive in direct mode rather then as a second screen which might also fix your problem.