HTC VIVE use in Unreal

When hooking up my HTC vive and running the default motion controller map, I’m able to move via teleportation when hitting the play button, no problems.However, when trying to import an FBX model of a house for instance, into that same template, the teleportation stops working. Can someone please tell me how I can import FBX models into unreal and be able to move around in them using VR. I’m new to unreal.

Hey Nasser,
The default teleport ion system works on nav mesh logic
you can tell the collision by looking at your view port and pressing “p”
it should look something like this


Hope this helps

plus one for this answer - Another thing to consider is the actual collision of your mesh (If the collision is just one big box around the outside of your house you will be unable to teleport into it)

A workaround to this would be to set the Collision Complexity (in the Static Mesh Viewer) to “Use Complex Collision as Simple” Setting this will base the collision off of your actual geometry.