HTC Vive Trackers - extra requirements? plugins?

Hi all! I’m trying to incorporate an HTC Vive Tracker into an Unreal 4.22 project, but I’m struggling to get my project to recognize the tracker. It’s connected in SteamVR and shows up under ‘Devices’ when I generate a system report, but I’m not able to find it using either the “Get Tracked Device Position and Rotation” blueprint function (with the Device # from the system report as the ID) or using the “Get Valid Tracked Device IDs” function with any of Controller, Tracker, Invalid, or Other as the device type. Some sources online that I read said I should used “Invalid” to find the Vive tracker, but that has not worked for me.

Can anybody advise me on how to setup the tracking? Am I missing a plugin? I just added SteamVR Input Unreal Plugin to the project - should I be using some facet of this to make the tracking work? Thanks!

Create an actor BP, add a motion controller component, in the details panel you need to set its role, that by default is set to Left, change it to Special_1
Add a cube as a child of the Motion Controller, scale it down a bit ( 0.2 ) and hit play, you should see the cube moving as you’re moving the Tracker.

i suggests instead of scaling down to get accurate world moment try to scale up the vr settings in world settings from 100 to 1000 so the motion