HTC VIVE Tracker alternatives

Does anyone have any idea if there is another way to track real world objects other than using the Vive trackers? I’m looking to track dozens of objects in the real world and having to spend $100 for each one is not feasible. Is there any camera setup that could track something like QR codes and feed that back into unreal to track the objects or something else that you could hack to have the base stations track?

You could probably find some cheap mocap system. OptiTrack are aimed for companies with a bigger budget (, but there should be some cheaper systems as well.
The good thing with using mocap is that you only need to place a bunch of reflective markers (extremely cheap) on the things you want to track, so you could track pretty much how many things you want without increasing the cost.

Decent tracking in 3d space —
Either requires good tracking of each object
HTC Trackers ] where you have a pretty good
idea of the absolute position , or lots and lots
or cameras around the room.

Optitrack is the latter and works well.
Though we are talking about 10 - 20K systems
and dedicated rooms with cameras all over the
walls. The HTC trackers are cheaper and more

If you are really serious about dozens
of objects then look into Triad Semiconductor
Part TS 3633 ] for building your own trackable
receiver interfaces. These are what get used
inside the HTC Vive hardware :

> Triad TS3633-CM1 Module ]

All best ,

— Chuan

Could give this a go…I wanted to while my trackers are on back-order still but haven’t gotten around to it.