HTC Vive teleport motion in Unreal Engine

I’ve just started working with unreal engine 4 and I’m exploring its VR features. When opening up unreal and going into the default VR Motion controller map, I can easily teleport using my my Vive controllers when clicking the run button. However, when trying to import an FBX model into the same map, the FBX model shows up, but my ability to teleport anywhere stops working. Can someone please assist me and tell me how i can make the teleportation feature work again with my FBX model in this map.

Hello Nasser,

Teleportation in the template relies on the NavMesh - Press ‘P’ in the editor viewport to visualize this.

You’ll also want to verify that the collisions on your mesh are what you intend. (Viewable in the static mesh editor or in viewport with “Show -> Collision”) Ensure that your Pawn is not inside of any collision volumes.