HTC Vive screens' are not in the right positions in UE4 projects

Hi all, I’m currently using version 4.12, I’m trying to make a level on HTC Vive.

I followed these tutorial to make an empty map for startup.

However, when I press “VR preview”, what I saw in my headset are two half-screens overlapped with each other. Specifically, the screen on my right eye is shifted to the left for half-width of the screen, and the screen on my left eye is shifted to the right for half-width of the screen. There was no drop in frame rate or blurry, only screen offsets.

I have also tried downloading VR templates online in 4.11 and 4.12 including custom made VR templates and Unreal VR demo, but the problem still exists, only in unreal engine though. Other than UE4 maps, it worked perfectly fine in games downloaded from steam, like The Lab, Tilt Brush and Job Simulator.

Update: I followed this and then packaged my map.

The screens were back to normal in the executive. I think it’s some settings in UE4 that I missed…

Hi tzuanw, had the problem fixed yet?

Hi RaymondT,

Yes! The fix was a bit tedious but it works now. Here are the steps assuming you’ve already set up Vive:

1 Launch your UE project

2 Click VR Preview

3 Alt+Tab select your standalone preview window (may skip this step if it’s already selected).

You will find that even when you have selected the preview window, it’s not on your main screen. This is because the window is on the second screen, and therefore the step 4.

4 Keep tabbing (Windows key+ left arrow) until the preview window shows on your main screen.

5 Alt+Tab select your Headset Window (the one with two big red circles)

6 Move your mouse over to the Vive screen and click left mouse button once

7 Lastly, left click on your preview window once. The screen should now show correctly on your HMD.

Solved. Please see solution in comments.

I am seeing this myself. The only way I can get it to work here is to close down SteamVR and restart it. Then I can launch the viewer and it works on the Vive. But if I stop and start the game in Unreal then I always get the half screen problem. Its strange to me that no one else seems to be having this problem. I can’t find any other references of anyone talking about this issue.

I am running 4.16.2. Has anyone found a proper solution for this? Is there a version of Unreal that actually works correctly with HTC Vive?

I have the same issue.I have one more problem, then I restart headset my visuals are okay, but my hands are not attached to controllers, hands are laying on the ground or are attached to base stations. But if my visuals are messed up as you described, then hands are attached to controllers and working. It’s so frustrating.