Htc vive non of the buttons give any input?

Hi, I am working on a VR project and when I try to assign and action for each button nothing happens

I even tried to look at the blueprint while pressing the on both of the controllers trigger but it doesn’t even receive and action

Thanks in advance

I have managed to make it work with another node

BUT WHY isn’t it working with the ones in the picture?(onclicked)

this is very limiting and i can’t continue with my project that way


Hey, the events that work with motion controllers can be accessed by right clicking in the event graph and searching (They all have prefixes of “MotionController”).

e.g. to get access to the press of the left touch pad the event you want is “MotionController(L) Thumbstick”

I made an image showing what buttons on the vive controller map to the specific input events


Thank you very much for your effort this is very helpful :slight_smile:

I think this cheat sheet is now outdated (at least in UE 4.25). At least the menu button no longer maps to the “shoulder” input.

Looks like since 4.23 you now have to follow this method to customize all the inputs yourselves:…put/index.html
Some buttons by default aren’t bound at all (including the menu buttons).