HTC Vive material change in runtime

Hello everyone.

Can someone guide me how to implement material change? I have successfully implemented line tracing but no idea how to make change of material in VR by clicking trigger. There was no problem in desktop mode. I’ve got 6 walls which are independent objects. I’ve got a floor.

What do you mean by “there was no problem in desktop mode”? You have material change functionality already created and working fine while using keyboard and mouse but it doesn’t work in VR mode with HTC Vive controllers?

Yes, with overlapping boundaries, with key bindings. But with VR (in my case HTC Vive) I cannot figure out how to do this.

Well… controllers of HTC Vive are just another kind of controllers. You can find specific buttons in the Project Settings → Input and also find events after pressing specific buttons on them. You didn’t share any of your code or blueprints so it’s hard to help you with the issue. If I were you I would start with making sure that my controllers are configured correctly and that I am listening for correct events in blueprints. For example print text (to screen or console log) after pressing specific button. If it will work then you will at least know that input works correctly and you are working with correct events. After that you can debug further.