HTC Vive - HMD camera movement

I want, in some cases, to stop the camera from following the HMD position and rotation.
Basically I want to use the device as a simple stereoscopic video output.
(editor 4.11.1, HTC Vive devkit, steamVR ver. 1460680192)

I’m working on a pawn blueprint that has a normal camera as a component.
I have tried to disable “lock to HMD” in the camera properties
I have tried via blueprint to “Enable Player Camera Manager Follow HMD” (with “follow HMD orientation/position” = false)
I have also tried to set that camera’s transformations at every tick

no joy so far, it seems that i can’t control that camera :frowning:

Any idea what am I doing wrong? Or it’s simply not possible atm?

ps: every time I close steamVR unreal crashes brutally but i’m sure it’s already on jira, right? ^^


Don’t make the pawn camera the default root component. Add an empty staticmesh component, make THAT the root component and make it movable and put the camera inside it.

Check the notifications at the bottom left of your main window for errors after you play and it’ll be telling you that the camera mobility is not to to movable. You can’t change this on a camera, so attaching it to an empty staticmesh lets you set and inherit it.

thanks antidamage.

I think I’ve tried what you suggested but it doesn’t seem to be working.
The root of my pawn is currently the physical mesh of the vehicle the camera is attached to: it has to be moving.
I want the camera to be attached to it, moving together with the vehicle, regardless of how the player moves his head

here’s the setup (sorry for the pixelization: NDAs…):

the good news is that parenting it to a third object allowed me to offset its basic orientation (which is great!)
bad news is that no matter how much i try the camera keeps moving along with my head, sigh

hey thanks for your time, either way!

You can just force the camera rotation to be whatever you want on tick?

Not sure what you are trying to achieve with this but it seems like a bad idea to remove head tracking?

Yeah I was gonna suggest that. Positional head tracking is one of the major things that reduces nausea over non-tracking HMDs.