[HTC Vive] Double Vision?

Do anyone know of a blueprint based way to force double vision inside of the HTC Vive? What I mean by this is to shift the stereo optic effect in each eye so it essential out of focus.

If it is possible with a camera setting too that would work.

I doubt they would make this intentionally easy to do, as it is almost certainly against their best practices guide. However, you could perhaps try doing this through a post process material.

Ok, 10 months later to the day and I’m running into the same issue. I’m a noob to this and my brain is completely fried from reading Unreal docs, forum threads, Mitch McCaffrey’s book, Udemy lessons, Pluralsight lessons, etc etc etc etc. I’m not sure which way is up anymore and the trippy double vision in one project I’ve been trying to apply VR to isn’t helping at all! Maybe some good shrooms and I’ll have it figured out - haven’t tried that yet…

Anyway, I have an archviz project I’ve purchased from the Marketplace. I am trying to use mordentral’s plugins. I’ve got a few things figured out, but every time I try to preview the VR I’m seeing in double vision. I cannot figure out how to fix this. I’m using 14.5.1. Any help would be much appreciated! In fact, I am totally open to paying for consulting to help me with this!!! It’s that or I’m buying some good whiskey and razor blades…

You don’t have it set to 2 players in the preview settings do you?

No. I’ve tried both the plugins and migrating the archviz project from the marketplace into the standard VR template to test. It seems like others are complaining about it on the project’s comments in the marketplace, but logically I can’t figure out how models alone would have anything to do with a VR issue. That said, I have migrated several other tests that are working well.

Also, I hate to mix messages and totally different subject, but do you know how to go full screen on the windows monitor for spectators while in VR? We’ve recompiled source code based on the Viking Rage youtube video (UE4 + HTC Vive Fullscreen VR Tutorial - YouTube) and tried to follow a half-dozen other tips in the forums, blogs, reddit, etc etc, but haven’t found a solution.