HTC Vive controllers are not working at all in 4.25

Hello there! I recently moved to 4.25 version and I’m having some troubles to make the controllers work as they worked in 4.22.

The main issue is that the trackpad works fine but none of the other buttons (Triggers, Grips and Menu button) are working when I build the project. When I’m playing on editor everything works fine.

I’ve already remapped the pre-configured stuff in SteamVR but nothing different happens. I also checked the vive_controller.json and everything seems OK.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an empty project in 4.25 with default VR template
  2. Prepare everything to run and make a build.
  3. Trigger does not work (assigned to Grab by default) but Trackpad works perfectly.

Thanks in advance for your time, I don´t know if is there anything hidden or if it’s an engine bug.


this is my DefaultInput.ini,like this:


it’s worked.
May be you try to delete [Saved] directory,then retry.

Same here with Valve Index controllers. Controller buttons not working in plain official VR template (trigger, grip, a, b…).
Also, oddly enough, thumbstick works fine for teleport and the teleport “circle arrow” points in the direction pointed by the thumbstick, but when I teleport there is no rotational change, while in preview VR mode that works also fine.

Looks like a bug…

Hi there! I realised that OpenXR plugin has to be enabled for UE4.24+ and HTC Vive… That was my solution

Thanks for your answer. I’ve tried to activate it as you suggested, but it gives me a package error, forcing me to install C++, and my project is no C++ (and I’ve never done a C++ project, so for now I’d like to skip that if possible). Maybe it’s related to the beta status of the plug-in :-/

I completely recommend you to install Visual Studio… otherwise you won’t be able to access to many engine features, add plug-ins (many of them need to rebuild the project from VS)

Mmmm… Yeah, it’s on my to-do list. Just was hoping not to be forced to face it for the moment. Life is easy in BP World :-).