HTC Vive and Oculus Rift multiplayer on SteamVR?

I’m about to work on a extremely simple multiplayer (LAN only) game for SteamVR.
Something as simple as two players playing with a ball and some physics objects.
However, I can only get my hands on a desktop with Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers and another one with a HTC Vive.

So now I’m wondering if you can login both computers on SteamVR and play the same game together.

To my knowledge:

  1. Oculus Rift is officialy supported on SteamVR.
  2. Crossplay between Oculus and SteamVR online subsystems is not supported, however both computers on SteamVR should theoretically work.

First of all SteamVR is not online subsystem and on technical side has nothing to do with Steam online service, it is HMD system which is avable as a plugin too, you can have both Oculus HMD and SteamVR HMD plugins enabled and Unreal will prioritized Oculus over SteamVR (at least in my case), but SteamVR will turn on Oculus VR services anyway since it only works as common interface mediator between game and the Oculus headset service, you can’t run Oculus headset without them anyway.

HMD interface has nothing to do with Online Subsystem, it just headset support for unreal and you can use mix any HMD setup with any OnlineSubsystem, only limitation is online service and marketplace or software licencing (Oculus or Steam software EULAs) rules which may prohibit interaction with other marketplace software which SteamVR is or prohibit interactions with software distrbuted in other marketplace or prohibit distrbution of a software with HMD interface outside of related marketplace. So go read rules what game can do or not by being distributed in those services, i would not be suppriced that your game need to be distributed in Steam to “legally” use SteamVR in public (outside of development), there no need for that in Oculus since i see software using Oculus outside of there market place (SteamVR included!), only issues is that if it’s outside Oculus marketplace user need to turn on external software option (same as you need to do so when you use SteamVR with Oculus)

If your game is LAN only there should be 0 issues, keep in mind Online Subsystem is only needed for server listing and user can still connect via IP (online service just lists IP addresses of clints and server and connect then for you, but you can do this manually), you don’t need any online system to have multiplayer in game aspecially LAN one.

you can even distribute 2 versions of you game with SteamVR HMD and Oculus HMD enabled to 2 diffrent marketplaces to satisfy both parties. To make things easier Null online subservice (which means no online service) supports multicast LAN server discovery allowing you to to find LAN games without any need of online service (in fact if you use online service it probably does exact same thing when you use LAN on them).

And as NovakPoa SteamVR supports Oculus (disable Oculus plugin and keep SteamVR plugin on), so if you don’t want to bother you can just use SteamVR.

Got it!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain this, it will undoubtedly help through the whole dev process.