HR Screenshots Jagged Edges Help!

After much trial and error, I’m hoping someone knows a fix for the following issue:

I’m rendering a couple of chairs. The frame of the chair has a chrome material.
I want a high res screenshot of my chairs. I would like this high res screenshot
to look really high res. This means it should not contain low-res jagged edges.

Right now I can not make this a reality. I can make high res screenshots
the entire day but even on 10x the size of my viewport, I still have jagged edges.

I’m reading on Answerhub that the high res screenshot tool is very good
for a lot of things, except for taking really good high res screenshots.

Is this true?

What is a guy supposed to do to get very crisp screenshots without
a lot of jaggies cause right now these results make for a lot of very
sad My Little Ponies :frowning:

I also have to warn possible stormtroopers:
Switching between FXAA and Temporal AA?: No dice.


Higher resolution doesnt mean better AA. You need to take a shot twice(or more) the size you want and then downscale that shot.

No. I made a 10x high res screenshot and downsized that to 1920x1080.
If that doesn’t make for very crisp edges, then clearly the AA functionality in the high-res screenshot isn’t up to my standards.

Of course there’s a HUGE improvement doing the above when compared to taking a normal 1x high-res screenshot.
Or 2x, or 4x. It’s just mindboggling to me that even downscaling a 10x shot still manages to not be razor smooth.

How I make my screenshot is like this :

Place a camera where I want to take a screen. Start level as a standalone game using that camera point of view. I set the standalone game in 4k res. It’s razor sharp in game with all post effects applied correctly. Hit print screen.

Never been able to get nice results from the HR screenshot tool.

Yeah, It seems like there are issues with the HR Screenshot tool when it comes to quality and post effects. I’ve had success with the following setup I found searching through all the forums.

It uses Two Blueprint Console Commands in the level blueprint. You can set the resolution in settings, but I prefer to do it in blueprints. So my setup is this:

First set the resolution higher, like 4K mentioned above (This I think is based on graphics cards capabilities) Use the Console Command Node : r.setres 3840x2160
Then set a key input like C to trigger the Console Command Node : shot

Then when you play the game, all you have to do is hit the keys to set the resolution and then to capture the image into your autosaves folder.
I find this captures a better image with all your camera / postprocess settings intact.


Guys thanks so much! My eyes have opened and making good quality screenshots is now within the realms of possibilities thanks to you two!

Great idea with the blueprint. Going to try it!