HQ or LQ Lightmaps for mobile without Mobile HDR

Hey there, I am trying to port this PCVR project into the Oculus Quest and my main problem are lightmaps. The Quest uses android and can only use the HQ_Lightmaps if Mobile HDR is on (which I cant turn on because it destroys performance). As you can see the LQ_Lightmaps look horrible, even after trying to modify the scene to avoid areas with high concentration of light.

From the game “Red Matter” I know that its possible to use the HQ_Lightmaps on the Quest. The developers have said that they modified the mobile shaders to allow multiple things that normally arent enabled and I am wondering if some one here knows how to achieve this.

For Oceanhorn 2 I modified Lightmass to use similar kind of decoding for LQ_Lightmaps that HQ_Lightmaps uses. We use ASTC lightmaps so adding 4th channel actually didn’t even increase the memory consumption at all. There was awful lot of small fixes for lightmaps and shaders so if you need to be familiar with the c++ and shader coding. End result was lot cleaner lightmaps and faster decoding performance. Also less difference between desktop and mobile renderers.
Start from this function…apData.cpp#L98

Thank you for the reply Kalle, at the moment of making this question I was in the impresion that doing what you are suggesting would fix my problem, but I have been told that the problem really is the tonemapping. Did you used Mobile HDR or custom tonemapping in the developing of Oceanhorn 2 on android?

There is no Android version at all.
There is ios, appleTv and Mac version currently on Apple Arcade. On mobile we are using Mobile HDR and filmic tonemapping. Tonemapping is quite slow so I needed to hand optimize that shader quite much. For example for some reason on mobile it always used permutaion with Sharpening which increased the cost by 40%.