HOWTO UV Distortion on a flipbook texture?

Hi there! I have a fire flipbook that I am assigning to particle sprites to make a fire. The fire texture runs on each of the particles, but I have heard of this ‘UV Distortion’ technique that makes the image move a little bit via changing the UVs so that every run through the flipbook isn’t exactly the same. Has anyone done this? Can someone please help me set it up in a shader network? The concept makes sense to me, but I’m unsure as to how to do it in unreal in my shader using a flipbook.

Thank you!

Hey Dranders, check out these tutorials from imbuefx:
As for the flipbook effect, the best approach is to use… well… the imbuefx approach, and tile the texture the same amount as your flipbook.

so if the flipbook is 12x11 then also try to get your uv-distortion effect to tile that often.
you dont need to, but it will probably give the most solid effect.

first link provided in the youtube search is from udk, but still works in ue4. (just mirrored)

Wow thanks!! I will watch the video you pointed out, thanks!! Will see if that gives me what I need. Appreciate the help, I’ve posted the same question before and never got an answer (!) THANK YOU!! <3
Will post later if it works or not :wink: