Howto neon-light material with new tonemapper in 4.15?

How can you get some neon light colors like on this image < 4.15:

Instead of somewhat fully different with 4.15:

The emissive colors with the new tonemapper does not look like neon-lights anymore. While this could look better in some cases its now far away from pure colored emissive lights like you would get it on pure colored neon-sign-lights, LED, scifi, fantasy, materials. In the release notes we got informed that the old tonemapper gets removed. How can we migrate to the new one without loosing the possibility to create material that looks like the old (somehow) instead colors that look whashed out towards white.

For my purpose console command r.TonemapperFilm 0 helps a lot and emissive materials looks nearly like before. I also pumped up intensity of emissive color.

Yes I know this workaround. Thanks. However this is no real solution because the old tonemapper should be removed (4.15 release notes): “You can switch the tonemapper back by adding r.TonemapperFilm=0 to the SystemSettings section of your project’s DefaultEngine.ini. We intend to remove the old tonemapper in a future version of the engine.” - I hope there is some way to get neon-light back with the new tonemapper somehow?

I would also be very interested in getting a proper fix: many of my weapon fx now look flat and uninteresting.

I have the same confusion, r.TonemapperFilm=0 help me get back my emissive colors, but glow in scene still wrong :frowning:
Do you have any suggestions?

No. There are various posts about this topic in the forum but no solution since 4.15 up to 4.17 (4.18 preview). Even worse: No yes/no/maybe regarding any solution or workaround in future but the chance of a complete removal.

Forum/answerhub posts (without solution) about this issue: