Howto increase Verts in a Procedural Cube


i try to create a Cube during Runtime with ProceduralMeshComponent. Creating a Cube with 24 Verts works fine.
The thing is, i want to have more than 24 Verts so i can male a Sphere from it with adjustable detail.

I struggle to generate the Triangles Indices for the CreateMeshSection(…) function
UE4 - Sphere from Cube (Procedural Mesh Test) - YouTube like this

Found a Solution. I Create a Cube with 24 Verts. Than i use subdivision to get a Cube with more Verts.

	// For Cube
	v12 = (v1 + v2) / 2;
	v23 = (v2 + v3) / 2;
	v31 = (v3 + v1) / 2;