Howto:In-game Graphical User Interface?


what are your approaches to bringing an in-game GUI to UE4?
I thought about Awesomium, which doesn’t seem to be supported… There are alternatives, which names I forgot, who support 64-bit though.
Still I don’t particularly like the idea to have a fully fledged browser running in the background which additionally needs to use CPU based copy to texture… Not to mention mobile deployment.
I also thought about Scaleform, though Adobe declared Flash to be dead, so maybe that isn’t exactly the next-gen approach either. Also since it doesn’t seem to be bundled with UE4, it would be outside the financial scope of hobby projects too.
Then there is the windows presentation foundation which most likely would integrate with UE4, but only on Microsoft Windows.

Then there are a lot of tiny GUI libraries, each of which seems worse than the other. So far I spotted one exception, called libRocket, which basically seems to implement a lightweight HTML/CSS style of creating GUIs and looks promising from the surface and is designed from the ground up to be integrated into arbitrary engines…

So what are you planning to use and is there any “builtin” UE4 GUI system planned?

Hi thesaint,

The Slate UI Framework](, which was used to create the UE4 editor, is also UE4’s custom HUD and UI solution. One advantage of using Slate is that it can deploy to everything. There aren’t many examples of usage available yet, beyond what’s in the docs, but a short tutorial by Wraiyth](slate tutorials from Wraiyth - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums) was posted a few days ago.

Good luck,