HOWTO: Get Variable Data From an Initiation File

Oh! So, it should go like this?

Event begin play > 0.2 Delay > Switch has Authority > Cast to ShooterGameMode > Get Float Option Ini > Set

Am i right in saying: that it’ll trigger, and if the ini is EMPTY, the delay means it will keep the default values set in the character BP. But if there ARE values set in the ini, it will apply them.

Thank you so much for your help Davetiger, I really appreciate it by the way =)

the delay simply makes it fire… nothing more… but yes if rainbo and falconbaby are not in the ini file then the value set will be 0.

But i want the values to be whatever it is in the Character BP, not 0 =( By 0 do you mean it just won’t edit that value, or that it will actually set that value to 0 ?

Sorry, I’m getting confused.

as I said if you don’t put anything in the actual INI file it will be 0 … but if you put a value in the ini it’ll set it to whatever you set

It’s rather quite simple.

Return Value > Equal (Float) > Branch > True(Do nothing)/False(Set new value).


This is exactly what I did.

For visual representation; taken from my fence mod.


WoefulMacabre thank you SO SO MUCH!

I spent a bit googling unreal tutorials, but SEEING your blueprint is what really made it click for me, I appreciate it so very much =)

Now I see how I have to set it up, it all actually makes sense!

Thanks to the guys here that have clarified!

Just as a heads up tho, the logic on the bracnh conditional, i had to reverse where true and false linked to to get the results i wanted because I am using an Equal (Float) instead of a Greater Than (Float) like WM pic.

Any idea why I cannot get game mode on a consumable item?

Not quite sure how we are supposed to be able to set the durability of an item from the graph.



hi all,
I’m trying to do this in UE4 v.4.9 but the node “Get *** Option Ini” doesn’t exist. Have you any solution?

A lot of things in the ADK won’t/don’t exist in a vanilla engine because they were made by wildcard for use in ARK.


ok I did not understand what you told me because I started using recently EU4, but can you recommend a way to take values from a file in blueprint or with C ++? maybe a guide to follow?

Great guide! Has anyone figured out an event that will allow resource cost remapping in the primalitemstructure? Begin play with a delay doesn’t work, but that kind of made sense as you want the resource costs to change BEFORE its crafted and placed into the game. Any ideas?

Possibly do it in PGD and cast to the reference. I am not sure if that will even work.

You need to break the structs open

I’m a little confused at this part… I set up everything how you showed… but what if I want to modify an existing value in a blueprint using an .ini variable instead of creating a new one.



He means a Variable in the INI. not in the BP.

Or you can do it in both.

Or you can just do your logic off the INI node and set the variable you want to set that already exists.

but this is what he is referring to

Could be better read as, “Declare an Option Name that you want to get from the INI for your Section”

Can I use this INI file to save variables in singleplayer and multiplayer, so they stay after you quit the game?

I think you found your answer on discord already, but No. You can not write to the INI file from inside the gameplay at this point.