HOWTO: Add new dinosaur variants

Sorry for the necromancy, but is there a way to simply replace a dino variant with a new one?
Simply put I plan to make quite a few dinos un-rideable and It would be amazing NOT to have to do these steps for all dinos in game.


EDIT: Figured it out, thanks to the guys at the discord. For reference: The PrimalGameData contains an Entry “Remap NPCs” that allows to replace one character blueprint with another.

how do you set a dinos stats and color

@BernsYT - I’ve not found stats yet, but for color, look in the Dino_Character_BP
Look for the 2 lines:
Random Color Sets Male
Random Color Sets Female

For most of the dinos they point at the same file.
If you want to change their colors, copy that file into your mod and then set the colors you want to use for all 6 regions.

Something I just figured out.
The Icon from the DinoEntry_Dino file is tied to the Dino Name Tag in the Character_BP, not sure if the reference is hidden, but if the Dino Name Tag isn’t right then you only get the white box.

Hi all,
I’m having the exact same problem as @Zionikk. I’ve tried the solution @SleepyLloydy proposed, but it does not work for me. I have the mod in my active mods tray (it’s the only one) and while the world loads up in single player, I can see it loading the modded files. I really just want to know if my mod is working, and spawning my dino in would be the fastest way. Any more potential solutions? Thanks in advance!

Having same problem of @Zionikk and @The_Insomniac.
Any way to spawn it inside the game? Where can be the problem? I did everything except 4 and 5.

In my little dino mod I can only spawn dinos on live server with

cheat summon Ankylo_Character_BP_DinoRework_C

Full Blueprint Path is not working. I thing this depends on the way you add your dino to the game. My dinos are replacements of the vanilla ones. So I add every dino entry to the additional dino entry list and remap the dino blueprint in the remap npc list.

@CarlosMeba and @The_Insomniac - can you describe the problem in more detail?

Are either of you in the Discord chat, a good number of people are in there, but it could an immediate response or take a pretty long time.
There are a number of us who have made some custom dinos and can likely help you.

So if you change colors, you do not have to copy over the static meshes or MIC/Texture files to spawn in your own dinos? I thought that when you had something copied into your mod folder (thinking structures here) you had to bring over all files associated with it including AIbehaviours, MIC, Textures, etc.

Thanks! helped me alots :slight_smile:

I dont found this, are you sure?

RemapNPC’s is the section you would add your new dino to.
Or you can add your own custom spawns if you are adding a dino and not replacing one.

Oh i need but i want this to work with all of the maps…

It does work with all maps.

Can someone help me please?

Only if you make changes to the material/texture/whatever do you need to copy it. Unless of course it doesn’t exist in game as a lot of items in the devkit don’t.

This is a great tutorial but what about the more advanced stuff like adding particle effects,shoulder pet/saddle placements and how to change things like diet (carnivore/herbivore/omnivore or pescavore),taming type (passive/or tranq) and aggro range (how far away they will attack from). These things are very important when making variants…I am new to modding and this would be just as helpful.

I followed this to a tee and still doesn’t work.

Awesome guide, thanks a lot for sharing! I’m just starting and have no experience with modding/programming anything and I was able to create my own versions. I got a bit stuck though.

I made a version of the Trike (myTrike) following the above that can spawn as a wild baby. However, I would like to make it so that when the baby is attacked any nearby regular Trikes will aggro.

Any suggestions?

Hi guys i know its a old “how to” but hope there is anybody where can help me!
I made a modded raptor and im want to let him spawn maybe on all maps with the normal raptors ( for example at the Grassland ) i make all like the tutorial say change the setting of my dino/ add the dino bp and dino entry to my primal game data/ take the grassland spawner add my dino and change the remap npc spawn entries from grassland spawner to my grassland spawner but if im starting a sp game with only my mod the game crash and if im start the game with a mod over my mod like s+ the game start but the dino dont spawn ( destroywilddinos + slomo 50 and a check with the s+ transmitter dino scan after 15 min) <---- tested on the island