HOWTO: Add new dinosaur variants

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to add your own dino variants in the game. This is a no-frills approach using the GenericMod as a starting point… but it will get you up and running on both solo and dedicated server hosted games and allow spawning of your new variant.

(re-created the thread because I couldn’t remove the ‘in-progress’ from the old thread title)

1.1. Copy PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/DinoEntries/DinoEntry_Para to your mod folder
1.2. Rename your copy to “DinoEntry_MyPara”
1.3. Edit the file and change Dino Name Tag from “Para” to “MyPara”.
1.3.1. In the same file, change Dino Descriptive Name to “Parasaur Ingame Name”
1.4. Compile and Save.

2.1. Edit PrimalGameData_BP in your mod folder.
2.1.1. Locate Additional Dino Entries and click the + sign
2.1.2. Click the dropdown and select your new “DinoEntry_MyPara”
2.2. Compile and Save.

3.1. Copy PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Dinos/Para/Para_Character_BP to your mod folder
3.2. Rename your copy to “MyPara_Character_BP” and edit it
3.2.1. Locate Dino Name Tag and change it to “MyPara”. Make sure it sticks (if you tab out it can revert)
3.2.2. Locate Custom Tag and change it to “MyPara”. This is used by PrimalItemArmor_(dino name)Saddle… leave it default if you want to share saddle engram. Make sure it sticks (if you tab out it can revert).
3.2.3. Locate Descriptive Name and change it to “Parasaur Ingame Name”
15. Do whatever stats/colors/stuff you want to make it unique a bit.
3.3. Compile and Save.

4.1. Copy PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Spawners/DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands to your mod folder
4.2. Rename your copy to “DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands_MyMod” and EDIT it
4.3. Locate NPCSpawnEntries and click +
4.3.1. Click on the newly created entry (11 if this is the first time) and expose the fields For An Entry Name put “MyPara (1)” - where 1 is just a text value to remind you it’s 1 dino spawning only For NPCs to Spawn, click + … then in the newly create 0 field, click the dropdown and choose “MyPara_Character_BP” For NPCs Spawn Offsets, click + … and leave everything default. Note: if you are spawning more than 1, make X value 300. For NPCs to Spawn Percentage Chance, click +… and add 1 into the field For Entry Weight put in a value between 0.0 and 1.0. e.g. 0.12 = 12% to spawn Leave all other entries default.
4.4. Locate NPCSpawn Limits and click +
4.4.1. Click on the newly created entry (11 if this is the first time) and expose the fields For NPCClass dropdown select “MyPara_Character_BP” For Max Percentage Of Desired Num to Allow enter 0.5
4.5. Compile and Save.

5.1. Go back to your PrimalGameData_BP_MyMod and edit it
5.2 Locate Remap NPCSpawn Entries and click +
5.2.1. Under 0, change From Class dropdown to “DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands”
5.2.2. Under 0, change To Class dropdown to “DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands_MyMod”
5.3. Compile and Save


NOTE: Existing worlds will take time to re-populate new spawners. If you want instant visibility of your new dino/spawner… and are comfortable resetting all tamed and wild dinos on your map (bad for public servers!)… you can issue the “cheat destroyallenemies” command. This will delete all dinos including tamed ones. As you move around the map you will start to see your new dinos appear as configured in your spawner definition.

Good informative write up for the uninitiated, +5 stars to you sir!

Thanks for the contribution! Btw I believe you can edit the title of a thread in the “Go advanced” section of edit your post on this forum.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I follow this and nothing spawns even the default dino

maybe not your case, but when I was creating spawn volumes for dinos on my custom map, the volume needed to partially intersect the floor or landscape - otherwise no dinos

Thank you very much ! I will try it out :slight_smile:

Any clue how to make the saddles work?

to make saddles work w/o having to make all new saddles. dont change any of the tags

Easiest way is to use the same Custom Tag as the dino you made the variant from… that way you don’t have to fiddle with a bunch of Engram and PrimalItemarmor_(saddle) reference chain.

Anyone who knows after i saved the project into my “MyMod” Folder, how do i then summon it? which name to use?

Assuming you’ve referenced it in your mod as above… or at least referenced it somewhere (spawners, NPC remap etc.) you just use “cheat summon MyPara_Character_BP_C”

Hm, im stucked now for a while. I started over once again and now i cant find the PrimalGameData_BP in step 2.1. Edit PrimalGameData_BP in your mod folder.
I dont even have that file in there, i made a folder “MyMods” under the folder Mod. All i have in there is the file from step.1

All mods need their own copy of the PrimalGameData_bp. You should watch this before following the above tutorial :slight_smile: Tutorial: Creating a core-data Mod (Not a Map, just a Mod :) - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks! I used the primalgamedata from generic mod, im doing all those steps but im taking a ptera instead of a parassaur. Stl cant summon it. Think i might need a lot more hours to be spend into this devkit.

Try starting new (it will not take long and the more times you start the better you will learn the basics :D)

Copy your Primalgamedata_bp_yourmod, testgamemode_yourmod & yourmod_Level to a new mod folder & be sure to link your testgamemode inside your primalgamedata.

Then follow the above tutorial - feeling free to substitute Para with ptera

Then load up testmap or theisland map & make sure to link your primalgamedata_bp_yourmod & testgamemode_yourmod into the world settings, then when you play in the PIE you should definitely be able to summon your own created ptera

can someone make a video on how to do this? the end is a little unclear and it doesn’t act like a mod for me it just had " cook conversion" not cook mod.

First, this has been incredibly helpful. I’m loving it.

Second you should add a note to your post that goes something like this:

"Respawns do not happen unless the map is somehow repopulated. One option for doing this (for single player) is deleting your map and allowing it to re-initialize. (Note, buildings will be lost.)

This can be done in Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal

Delete TheIsland.ark to rebuild map data.

or you just use the admin command…

Admin command?

I didn’t see one that repopulated the single player game… what did I miss?