HOWTO: Add new dinosaur variants

If you use the admin command: Destroyallenemies, it will kill all dino’s on the map, and begin repopulating the map. This is the way many people will do things if they install a dino mod.

Thank you.

Hey :slight_smile:
This is awesome
Doing the Same with Argen_AIController_BT
and changes to Dragon ;).

But now he only fly try to attack me but didnt hit someone know how to fix that? tryit to make more attack range and less but nothing works for me

Awesome job!

Do you know anything about adding vehicle variants? Would love to see a tutorial on this.

4.1. Copy PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Spawners/DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands to your mod folder

To keep the game updated automatically, should the spawners be child’s? Im only asking because I made these spawn zones for my NPC mod and im failing to see any of the new dinos.

Iv noticed my spawn list does not update with the engine patches

I followed this step by step and I can’t summon my dino. If anyone has any suggestions or is willing to help, I’d greatly appreciate it!

I have the same problem in game as ^…

Also, I have an observation… testing in the DevKit revealed that you can’t have a _ in the name. Say you name a Spinosaur variant… Big_Spino_Character_BP. It will not spawn even on the test map. As ARK seems to automatically consider there to be a ‘space’ when you have a capital letter, it’s not necessary either to use an underscore.

Would it be possible to replace the big foot creature with the human model? I want to make an animal that looks like my friends character, ha!

Very clear instructions much needed for the beginner, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can skip steps 4 and 5 by using the replace NPC feature in the Primal_Game_Data.

Alright i’ve just about reached ‘pull hair out level’ here, i’ve followed everything step by step yet i can’t find ’ PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Dinos/Para/Para_Character_BP ’ anywhere, by using the search bar or by manually scrolling through the file path manually, come to think of it i actually can’t see ANY character BP for any dino there… so what on earth am i doing wrong here?


-If you want your custom dino Icon/dossier to showup you need to add the entry to the master “dino entries” list

how much i wish i understood anything of that, is this all via the dev kit?

Can i skip 4. and 5. and just spawn it via console? and is it normal with all the warnings i get when i cook the mod?

Is this forum dead? anyway, i got 7000 warnings when i cook the mod, anything im doing wrong or is this normal?

I get 1500 warnings, no errors, and my mods work fine :slight_smile:


hey guys,
did exactly as described with the dragon,
but i scaled it to 0.3, so its not that big , named it new.

Now my game crashes if I use the mod O.o im so sad :c
and how do i paint the dragon e.g. black with white stripes `?

btw I tried now with boa, no crashes but still wont summon work :frowning:
summon AlphaTitanBoa_Character_BP_C =__=

Sorry to bump an old thread but I figured it would be better than posting a new thread since my problem occurs after using this tutorial. Anyways, I’ve been trying add my own dino variants by following this tutorial for a few hours now and everything has went fine in the dev kit. I am able to spawn in my dino by using the console commands in the kit. But whenever I upload the mod to Steam and try spawning my dino in the game with the console nothing happens. I’ve done everything I can think of, but I’m still having issues.

Anyone possibly know what the problem could be?

@Zionikk what spawn code are you using? Are you referencing your mod folder by name or by the Mod ID? Are you sure the mod is being loaded on your server? Did you create all the files necessary for a mod including the level file, GameMode file and PrimalGameData_BP files?

  1. I’m using spawn code “cheat summon DinoName_Character_BP_C”. 2. I think I’m missing something because I’m not sure what you mean by this. But I think by name? 3. I’m fairly certain that my mod is being loaded, I add to the active mods list before running single player. 4. Yes, I’ve created all the necessary files.

What happens if you try with the full blueprint path? For example, when I want to spawn a custom Ankylo from one of the mods I have worked on the code I use is:

You can see other example spawn codes here:

If you specify the full blueprint path can it be spawned in?