HowTo achieve this art style?


So, how would you go about achieving this look/feel? Terrain, soft textures, slight wind w/grass… Post process effect for the blurriness? I’m just trying to get ideas as to how you would break this up in your head if you were trying to achieve this look.


Start with no textures just pure colors. Terrain and grass should use identical material. Grass normal should be same as underlying terrain. Later you you can add some macro detail to break monotonous. After shading and materials are good then rest is just post process effects where you blur and smear screen until it’s look good.

You might want to search google for Non Photorealistic Rendering techniques.

  1. Search forum WIP threads for highly-stylized maps and tips / tricks…
  2. Use community landscapes, assign 1-tone simple color materials…
  3. Place semi-transparent meshes over the camera (landscape looks more smeared than clouds).
  4. Experiment with lots of PP settings and lighting. (Over-lighting the scene may help wash out details).