How would you render this in Unreal? (greyscale, global illumination, ambient occlusion)

Hi All,

I’d love to get this kind of clean look in Unreal. Does anyone have any tips for me?
Original frame was rendered in Cinema 4D with GI and AO

Possible variables are:

Maybe used in VR
Ideally the Lions could be animated, but if they need to stay fixed for best look it’s OK.

Is rendering in black and white easier on the video card?

Any tips much appreciated.

p.s. working with a 1080ti

i would say VXAO is the way i would go. unless you just render out the AO map and overlay it on top of a 50% grey texture then just import it
just a quick render of a mech, SSAO(default ue4 AO) vs VXAO
these are purely just the AO buffer visualizers, i’ve been really impressed by VXAO’s cleanness for real time AO
last 2 shots are just VXAO one directional light with shadows off and an 18% grey material with roughness at 1

you could also get the same or better results using lightmass, i just have no idea how :slight_smile: